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User Error? 3 Common Package Store Software Mistakes.

3 Common Package Store Software Mistakes

package store software, package store POS softwareChecking customers out on an old-fashioned cash register is frustrating for both business owners and customers. Today’s liquor stores require a more high-tech solution to their inventory and sales needs. Package store POS software integrated into cash registers and business computers allows all employees and owners to see sales in real time. However, common mistakes surrounding package store software abound when key parameters are ignored or skipped.

No Trial Run

A major mistake made by many companies is rushing into implementation. There must be a trial run or practice period for the system. Package store software operates on several levels, including accounting, inventory and customer files. System representatives should set up a trial platform, allowing managers and employees to try the software out without altering any current monetary or material values. For example, a fictitious sale could be sent through the package store POS software to see how it affects all the accounting modules. Only when all the bugs are fixed can the system go live with almost no mistakes in the near future.

Limited Package Store Software Training

Even with a practice period, some business owners jump right into the live system without fully training the employees. Take a day to train everyone on all critical features. Although cashiers don’t have to know the entire system inside and out, they must have a good grasp of how their checkout processes affect inventory. If liquor sales are heading into negative inventory numbers, employees must step back and reconcile the products. Simply working blindly with the system doesn’t benefit the store, and only creates more inventory problems down the road.

Postponing Software Updates

Modern software cannot be implemented and suddenly ignored for its entire lifetime. There must be periodic updates to keep up with bug fixes and hacking protection. Business owners should actively seek out updates at least once a month. If any updates arise, they’ll know before anything can negatively affect the system. Without these critical updates, software becomes corrupted and inaccurate until new data is added. It’s up to the software’s owner to keep up with maintenance.

Keep in touch with package store POS software sales representatives even after the system is integrated successfully. These contacts are important if the system breaks down at some point. Businesses need that networking connection to see their data brought back into operation. Smart business relationships are part of successful sales and growing profits.

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