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The Evolution of Liquor Store Inventory Control.

The Evolution of Liquor Store Inventory Control

liquor store inventory control, liquor POS softwareWalking into a dusty liquor store with a 100-year-old cash register used to make a business quaint, but today’s savvy consumers need more speed than a standard register provides. Businesses must balance a strong inventory load with customer demand, all while keeping track of each glass container. Liquor store inventory control has evolved over the years into fast paced computer systems, allowing businesses to control, track and keep up with daily customer demand.


Counting Simplicity

Liquor store inventory control began as basic counting. Each day, owners opened up the shop with known product quantities written down. As sales progressed each day, workers would verify counts by physically walking down aisles. If one product was getting low, a written order would be drawn up. Liquor POS software wasn’t even a thought before widespread computer use.

Computers and the Rise of Liquor Store Inventory Control

As computers became commonplace in businesses, liquor POS software began in its infancy. Basic programs told owners where sales were strong or weak, but couldn’t create projections. Sales forecasting was still a formula in the owner’s mind. However, inventory was controlled with a better strategy because physical numbers had to match the quantities counted by the computer. Any issues had to be physically counted and verified to find any anomalies.

POS Intricacies

Today’s POS systems don’t just track overall sales and inventory, but also analyze customer purchase habits. Internal programs note when a sale item is or isn’t moving quickly off the showroom floor. A poor sale could be altered to include a free wine bottle, boosting sales across the board, for example. Understanding product flow through sales numbers allows the owner to stock intelligently without overstocking.

Into the Future

The future of liquor store POS systems is evolving right now. Customers have club cards to scan for extra savings. These cards also tell owners exactly who appreciates rum or red wine, for instance.

As handheld devices continue to rise in popularity, liquor POS software must keep up with transactions that work with all gadget platforms. Although inventory control is the core product within these software packages, there are so many extras that make the customer experience more immersive. From sending out email coupons to offering reward points, liquor store software helps the bottom line and boosts marketing campaigns simultaneously.

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