Point of Sale Software made for Liquor Stores

Liquor Store POS Software SystemThere are many point of sale software products in the market but how do you choose the one that is right for you?.

mPower Beverage is designed specifically for Beer, Wine, and Liquor stores. Capitalize on our unique item setup; order/receive/sell by the case, or by the bottle/pack; easily create promotions for specific items or for departments; and benefit your customers with our rewards program.

Our POS software can import your current inventory or use our pre-loaded database, which includes over 20,000 standard beverage items with UPC, descriptions, sizes, case pack qty, and assignment in the correct department/category. For multiple locations, utilize mPower to track separate pricing for each store, transfer between stores, search your inventories, and order for each of your stores all at once.

The ordering module helps you order what you need based on stock levels and selling velocity. You can review history, edit your quantities and costs, and create purchase orders for multiple vendors or locations all at the push of a button.

Watch the Point of Sale video demos or call us to find out how mPower Beverage can simplify your store and increase your profit.

  • Simple to use
  • Barcode scanning
  • Touch screen capability
  • Item lookup by description
  • Item lookup by category
  • Credit card integration
  • Age verification scanning
  • Time clock
  • Gift card tracking
  • Customer buying history
  • EMV enabled
  • PA-DSS Compliant
  • Beverage design
  • Order and sell by the case
  • Sell case, six pack, and single from the same item
  • Track inventory and sales
  • Review sales history on orders
  • Receiving To-Do List
  • Order tracking
  • Quick receive with scanner
  • Phone order entry
  • Warehouse management
  • Picking and shipping lists
  • Rewards Program
  • Track customer groups
  • Discount around customer groups
  • Track rewards points
  • Report on history
  • Export customer lists to Excel
  • Over 70 reports available
  • Filter reports by date, category, etc.
  • Export reports to Excel
  • View results in chart format
  • Custom reports available
  • Windows tablets
  • Promotions (automated discounts)
  • Employee security
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Shelf tag printing
  • Training, Support & Upgrades included

Point of Sale Software for Liquor Stores

Liquor Point of Sale Systems

Designed specifically for beer, wine, and liquor stores, our state-of-the-art software includes several built-in features to not only help your store run smoothly but also to increase your efficiency. Here’s a quick glance at what our liquor store point of sale software can do for your store:


Checking inventory has never been easier. Whether you have multiple locations or just one, all you need is access to your mPower Beverage POS system and you can find what you’re looking for instantly. Our POS software helps you keep track of inventory and sales, create purchase orders for multiple vendors or locations, and transfer between stores easily.


Our liquor and wine store POS system wants to make your day-to-day duties as stress-free as possible. That’s why we’ve included a handy ordering module that helps you order products based on your current stock levels and selling velocity. Our software also allows you to review past orders and sale history, edit quantities and prices manually, and quickly receive orders using our To Do list.


Running the same report every day can be time-consuming. Why not let us do it for you? Utilize our automated report email feature to get daily reports in your email every day automatically. mPower Beverage POS software will track sales, inventory, customers, employees, and more. Should you need an overview of sales history from the last couple of months or numbers to support discounting a product; our reporting system has you covered. We currently have over 70 reports to choose from that can be easily exported to Excel or made into charts for your convenience.

Liquor Store Point of Sale Software Advantage

When customers visit your store, they want to get in and out as fast as possible. Many are heading to an event or are stopping in after a long day at work. Reward them with a quick and pleasant experience by using our liquor store point of sale software at your cash register.

User-Friendly Liquor Store POS Software

Our liquor store point of sale software is very easy to use and can utilize 2D scanners for driver’s license age verification. Other features include credit card integration, product look up, and barcode scanning. These features not only ensure a quick and smooth transaction for the customer but they also provide the cashier with vital tools to help them do their job correctly.

Wine & Liquor Store Customer Management Tool

Our POS software for beer, wine, and liquor stores also serves as a great customer management tool. Our software can help you manage your rewards program, track reward points, monitor customer groups, provide discounts, and even review customer buying history. Though these particular features are not always on the top of every store owner’s priority list, these features actually provide an amazing value because of the customer insight gained. By analyzing the data our software collects for you, you can make informed decisions and develop powerful marketing campaigns based on your specific customer base.

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