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remote-access-cloud1Remote Access
Run reports, create orders, update pricing from off-site

inventory-control1Advanced Inventory Control
Order based off sales

velocity and on-hand qty

POS System
Integrated credit card

processing in place

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Watch our eight short video demonstrations covering the back office and point of sale software. The videos review functionality within mPower including setting up items, creating and receiving orders, customer management, promotions, reporting, and point of sale operation.
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View some of the features available in mPower Beverage with detailed explanations and screenshots available.

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Our Product

Get an overview of the mPower Beverage product. Designed for wine and liquor stores of all sizes, mPower Beverage offers speed, remote access, credit card integration, reporting flexibility, and much more

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We have listed some of the common questions that we get asked regarding mPower Beverage.

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liquor store inventory system, liquor store point of sale systems

The Effortless but Efficient Liquor Store Software Solution

From the check-out process to managing inventory, mPower Beverage liquor and wine store software serves as a great tool to help keep your business on track and running smoothly. mPower Beverage liquor POS software handles all of your store’s needs quickly and efficiently, no matter the size of your store, and ensures you always have an easily accessible, up-to-date report of your store’s progress. Here is a quick rundown of what our liquor store software can do:

Point of Sale Software

Features include credit card integration, 2D scanning for driver’s license age verification, reward and gift card tracking, and your choice of touchscreen or keyboard input.

Back Office Software

Use the back office to manage inventory, place and receive orders, track customers, run reports, and much more.

mPower Beverage is user-friendly and we will provide a project manager to assist in remotely installing the software for you. Once the liquor store management software is installed by your project manager, we will train you and assist in the data integration process so that mPower Beverage can start organizing and managing your store as soon as possible.


What Can A Liquor Store POS System Do For My Store?

Running a liquor or wine store is not easy by any means. From ordering product to store marketing, there is just not enough time in the day (or labor for that matter) to get it all done.
That’s where having a liquor store POS system comes in handy. Liquor store point of sale software will act as a trusted helper and take care of the more tedious tasks for which store owners often don’t have the time to complete.

Convenience for Liquor Stores

Once installed, POS software takes action immediately. It gathers information from your store (or stores) automatically and helps beverage store owners free up time they would have otherwise lost due to the tediousness of some of their day-to-day tasks. For example, with mPower Beverage software you can check your inventory, place product orders, and track sales all within the same program.

Organization for Multiple Stores

Liquor and wine store POS systems are a great way to keep your stores organized. POS software is designed to store all of your store’s information in one place so that you or your store associates can access that data at any time. This is especially vital for stores with multiple locations. The software will not only keep track of every store’s inventory and sales, but also allows you to take care of each store’s individual needs through one program. You can easily manage your stores from any location using mPower’s back office software.

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